Shovelling Your Driveway Isn’t Free

Winter is most people’s least favourite time of year, for good reason. It’s cold and dark, making time spent outside less than enjoyable. In addition to this, we get snow in our area, and lots of it! In many parts of North America it’s still common for the majority of home owners to take care of their own driveways using shovels or walk-behind snowblowers. They consider this the most straightforward and economical way to manage winter’s fury. However, not all snow-affected areas share this line of thinking.

Take Montreal, for example, where over 90% of driveways are taken care of by contractors. Quebecers have come to understand that shovelling is neither the easiest nor most cost-effective way to battle Mother Nature.

Why? you might ask. Let’s take an average double driveway, valued at $390/season, as an example. In our area we estimate approximately 25 snow events each year. As a conservative figure, let’s value your personal hourly labour rate at $30. Even if it takes you just half an hour to shovel or blow your driveway clear each time it snows, that adds up to $375 a year! Not to mention the physical toll that shovelling takes on your body. And all that to pay just $15 less than a seasonal contract with us.

How can we clear your driveway for an entire winter at such an affordable price? To put it simply, technology. Our specialized equipment is so efficient that we can complete most driveways in 2-3 minutes. As a result, we can offer a high quality of service to a large number of customers, all while avoiding property damage, not disturbing your neighbours, and distributing snow evenly across your lawn instead of piling it up on one side. Our snow-blowing tractors have plastic edged blades to protect your driveway, and create far less noise than small walk-behind snowblowers. What’s more, we have implemented a system that makes sure our routes are in the most efficient order possible, and notifies drivers of any specific requests. For you that means short wait times and great customer service.

So what’s stopping you from putting down the shovel and letting the pros do the heavy lifting this winter? Sign up online today, or feel free to contact us with any questions you have about our service.

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  1. Max Britton
    December 10, 2018

    Wow the math does seem to add up! Why would I shovel myself when you fine men can do it for me.

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