Not your average landscape company. Servicing Stratford and London, ON Nix is the most innovative residential service business you’ve ever hired. Diversified with 3 sister brands; Nix Snow, Nix Lawn, and Organix Applied. Each of our companies focuses on providing the best customer experience within a specific service offering.

Since founding our original company “Nick’s Snow & Mow” in the winter of 2012, owner Nick Bohner has worked hard to fill the need for reliable yet affordable snow removal services in the Stratford area. Nix Snow is now leading the local industry by utilizing the best equipment and maintaining the highest level of customer service. We are currently Stratford’s largest residential snow removal company and service over 1/10 home owners. We aim to build a relationship with our customers that is based on trust and integrity.

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"The high-school student from Stratford, Ont., handled the workload with three plows and a staff of five, including his dad who helped out when he wasn’t at his government job."


Our Advantages


Your schedule is already full enough between work and family time; the last thing you need is the unpredictability that comes along with the winter season. To meet these needs, the way that snow gets cleared from driveways in Canada is evolving quickly.

In parts of eastern Ontario and Quebec it’s rare to see a neighbour out shovelling or using a snow blower. Take Montreal, for example, where well over 80% of home owners choose to hire a seasonal snow service just like the one we provide. With technology evolving, highly efficient machinery is able to service a large number of customers in a timely manner, which for you means great service at a surprisingly low cost.

With mentorship from some of the largest snow company owners in North America, such as Capital Services in Kanata and Deneigement Vanderzon in Montreal, Nick has been able to craft his business model to the highest standard for his customers and company.

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Snow removal contractors use many different methods to clear a driveway, from standard shovels and snowblowers to a bulky pickup truck with a plow. However, not all equipment produces the same quality results. When it comes to machinery, we use only the latest and best technology, John Deere agricultural tractors with inverted snow blowers. The advantages of these tractors are numerous. First of all, rather than “back dragging” the snow from your driveway and stacking it in a pile by the curb, our blowers distribute the snow from your driveway evenly across your front yard. No more towering stacks of snow blocking your view, just a clean driveway.

All of our snowblowers feature plastic cutting edges, rather than the metal edge used by most companies with plow trucks. This prevents scratches on your driveway. Our tractors are highly efficient, meaning we are in and out of most driveways in under two minutes!


This year Nix is proud to have a total of ten dedicated machine operators and walkway technicians with two professional customer support representatives. A company is nothing without good people. That’s why we’re committed to rigorous training standards and hiring processes. If you know somebody who you think would be a good fit for our team let us know! We’re constantly expanding and looking for new team members to serve you better.