Snow Removal FAQ's

Based on our success in becoming Stratford largest snow removal company and serving 1/10 happy homeowners, we have launched a second location in north London in 2018. Each location has independent management, employees, and equipment in order to provide the most timely and reliable service to both cities.
Although we do not hand shovel walkways as part of our seasonal driveway contracts in order to keep our pricing affordable for everyone, we do however offer it as an additional service. Our specialized crews will shovel directly in front of your garage door, the walkway to your front door, as well as your steps and front porch. Please note that this is an add on service and is priced according to each property. Availability is limited so be sure to signup early and guarantee your spot on the list.
No, due to the corrosive nature of salt we do not currently apply ice melt to driveways. We are however working on an environmentally safe liquid ice melt for next season.
Absolutely, our drivers are trained to work around cars to make sure you have no trouble getting out in the morning. Once the snow has stopped and the city plow has passed we will come back for a final cleanup. At this time we will cleanup where your car was previously parked. This generally takes place in the late afternoon or evening. Last year we began sending email updates about when our tractors are dispatched for a cleanup run. You will automatically be added to the email notification list upon signing up. One strategy we find most effective is if you change the location of your parked car each storm. To get as much of your driveway cleared as possible please park your car as close to the house as you can.
Yes, we are able to offer service to customers with gravel driveways, however we cannot guarantee that gravel will not be displaced onto your lawn.
We are currently able to offer service to those within the city limits of Stratford, Ontario as well as the north London route as shown on our locations page.
Our markers start going up late in October through early November. They will be taken out by early April. If you would like to remove them on your own sooner than that please place them by your garage and we will pick them up when we come around.
Believe it or not our tractors actually put less pressure on your driveway than your car does! Our blowers are also equipped with plastic cutting edges to drastically reduce the risk of damage to your driveway.
Our pricing is based on the size of your driveway. Rather than measuring the size of your driveway we simply base it off of a standard size. If your driveway is one car wide it is a single, if it is two cars wide it is a double. etc. Driveway length is not usually taken into consideration unless it is abnormally long (ie 5 car lengths).