Lawn Care

Maintaining a healthy and lush lawn can be a tedious task. Don’t spend your sunny summer days behind a lawn mower, leave it to us to ensure that your lawn looks beautiful all season long. From spring cleanup to autumn leaf collection we’ve got you covered. Nick’s offers services such as mowing, rolling, aeration, overseeding, fertilization, and fall cleanups. 


Lawn rolling is quite simply the act of maneuvering a very heavy roller across a lawn to help eliminate small bumps and unevenness. If your lawn is lumpy and uneven we can help! Book your lawn rolling today.


A specialty service performed in the spring and fall that is done to enhance the overall health of your lawn by reducing compaction, strengthening roots, increasing water uptake, reducing water runoff/puddling, and increasing fertilizer uptake. Aerating is performed using a unique piece of machinery called an aerator. An aerate works by punching holes into the ground and pulling out small pieces of earth referred to as cores. If your yard sees heavy traffic, is patchy, or just looks like it could use a boost it may be time to book an aeration.


Sometimes when a lawn is patchy and thin all it needs is some additional grass seed to fill the holes. If your lawn is not as thick as you’d like, a strategically timed overseeding can be what your turf needs to reach its full potential.


A proper fertilizer program is what will set your lawn apart from your neighbours. Fertilizer is the food that your lawn needs to flourish. In order to achieve that dark green, lush yard that everyone desires, you must be giving your grass the nutrients that it needs. Call today to arrange a personal one-on-one assessment of your lawn and see the difference that our fertilization program will make.


Everyone can agree that leaves are a hassle. Don’t spend your valuable time raking and collecting wet leaves, leave the trouble to us and book your fall cleanup today.


Studies suggest that when done properly, landscaping yields the highest return on investment of any type of home improvement. Enhance the look and value of your home by letting us landscape your property this summer. From simple tasks such as sodding and mulching to intricate paver patios and walkways, we’ve got you covered. Our landscaping services include: tree planting, lawn seeding and sodding, grading, plantings, mulching, interlocking stone, flagstone, pruning, and much more.